I am klaymore, the author of this blog. Have been a long time anime and manga fan. Despite my working life, still keeping up with some of the latest anime TV series.

Picked up figure collection in 2010. My first figure is figma Yomi from Ga-Rei Zero, which is my all time favourite character. Since then, the size of my collection have been rising slowly but surely :) So far I have completed the figma series of the BRS OVA, K-ON! and Index.

Naturally, I enjoy viewing pictures of figures by fellow collectors. That brought me to setup accounts on myFigureCollection.net and deviatArt.com. At the same time, I can share my pictures at these websites, which has the same purpose of creating this blog. This blog consists of 3 main sections as below:

1) Figure Gallery
Mostly pictures of a particular figure (sometimes more than one). Not really a review but more about my thoughts of that character or recreating some scenes from the show. Of course, other characters will join in the fun as well.

2) Figure Comic
These are short stories created using my figures. So far I have been only using 2 type: the free & multi panel and the 3-panel. My comics lean towards comedy or simple jokes but some of them actually reflect some of my views on certain topics or issues. Currently I have settled in posting one figure comic on the first day of every month.

3) How to...
A lot of time, I am curious in the process of how some of the collectors setting up their shots. Hence, I would like to share mine too.

When taking pictures of my figures, I will try to keep them close to my perception of perfect shot. Thus, I prefer not to use support stands as well as only using proper background. Will also try my best to hide the joints of the figmas and nendoroids.

Oh, I will not allow my figures to get dirty. After each photo session, they will be kept back inside their respective boxes. The ones being displayed are all covered inside transparent display boxes. And you can guess that I will not allow my figures to touch food, water or anything that can get them dirty. Yup no outdoor shooting^^

Hope you enjoy my blog :)

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