Monday, July 16, 2012

figma Saber Zero in a suit

Fate Zero is one of the best anime in recent times. The first figma from this
series being released is figma Saber, Zero version. She is presented in cool
black suit. Saber is also one of my favorite character of all time.

Yes, we all love her suit and tie but figma Saber also comes with nice
accessories. These include the ever so famous sword Excalibur, its
magical shealth Avalon and an Invisible Air version of Excalibur. An
interesting special effects part for slashing is available as well.

Once a king and an knight, Saber is one of the seven servants that are
summoned to participate the Holy Grail War. True to its name, Saber is
a servant class that excel in sword mastery.

Saber Slash! The special effects part can be fun :) figma Saber Alter
joins the fight here.

If you have seen Fate Zero, Saber has a cool looking bike that is known
as Motored Cuirassier. It is not released yet. We will have Saber riding
on my ex:ride American Bike for now. Take note that her head is a
combination of her shouting face and moving hair.

Let's direct our attention to the black suit. It is suitable to be used for
agents/hitman/girl with guns stuff. Noticed figma Golgo 13 has been
frequently appeared haha...

figma Saber Zero's body (or her suit) also comes in handy when you
want to depict a working adult or a faithful butler.

The one myself like most is to use in a classroom. Remember what
kind of teacher Saber is in Fate/Stay Night? Not sure how long her
students can survive her class...

Oh back to Saber's personallity. We knew she is a true knight in her
heart and always a "gentlemen". She protects the good and the weak.

And will continue to fight the bad and the evil. Say hi to baddies Touma
and Araragi^^

The Zero version is my fourth figma Saber. Others are Saber Armor,
Saber Alter and Saber Casual. Saber Zero ranks top among them
due to she can be used in so many settings. Highly recommended.


Anonymous said...

Golgo 13 and Saber Zero really a matching pair. =D

Oh dear... there goes Yui and her classmates... Looks like no slacking around with Saber as the homeroom teacher. XD

klaymore said...

Saber-sensei will make sure u study hard and train your body at the same time^^

Miette-chan said...

Aw man, yakuza Saber is so nice. I passed on her since I'm not a big Saber or Fate/ fan but kinda regret it a bit.

Her outfit sure has lots of neat possibilities. Perhaps I should get the re-release.

klaymore said...

go for it Miette, her suit alone will be very useful

and maybe u should try watching Fate Zero, it is very good