Monday, August 13, 2012

Left-Handers' Day 2012

Every year on the 13th of August is the Left-Handers' Day. It is a special
day for the left-handers, which made up of about 7 to 10% of the world
population. Among hundreds of my figure charaters, 3 girls stand out as
being left-handed. Let's check them out.

First up is Nanoha Takamachi from the anime Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.
This befriending machine is easily the most popular magical girl of all time^^
This figma is her adult version that appears in the StrikerS series.

The second left-hander from my collection is figma Black Gold Saw,
the OVA version. Wielding her giant weapon King Saw, BGS is a
powerful demon-like character in the other world.

Lastly, we have Mio Akiyama from the anime K-ON! As a bassist in the
band Houkago Tea Time, she has been shown writing with her left hand
in the show. I had lots of fun with the figmas of Mio and her friends :)

Victory belong to these famous left-handed anime characters as they
celebrate today by soundly beaten their right-handed counterparts.

Together with my left-handed girls, we wish all the left-handers:

Happy Left-Handers' Day!


Anonymous said...

Nanoha and BGS are lefties, something new to me.
LoL at the pile-up pic.

(p.s I'm using my left hand to use the mouse with a right-handed setting)

klaymore said...

in the official art, u will notice Nanoha always hold her staff with her left hand

oh happy leftie day to u bd77 :)

Miette-chan said...

Had no idea there was such a day. I wonder how many left handed characters I have. I got Nanoha and Mio at least.

Since I'm right handed I guess I will continue my right handed opposition of the lefty minority.

klaymore said...

u can continue to surpress the lefties but on this special day, they will crush u^^

good luck on searching for your left-handed figures!

Anonymous said...

There was a Left handers' day?
If only I knew about it earlier... (I'm a leftie)