Friday, October 05, 2012

World Teachers' Day 2012

The 5th of October is the World Teachers' Day. It is created by UNESCO
to celebrate teachers worldwide. More info about that on their website.

There are different type of teachers, such as the nice ones.
Of course, we can also find strict and fierce teachers.
The most fortunate thing for students is to be able to learn from the
best of the best :)
The rest are collections of my older pictures with teachers in them. figma
Mikuru Adult Version has most teacher look-alike feel.
Mikuru appeared many times in my gallery as a teacher.
Here she cameo as Sawa-chan together with the K-ON! girls.
We also get to see her as a teacher with a more playful side^^
She also starred as sensei in one of the figure comic "Helmet".
Besides Mikuru and Golgo, Saber in her nice suit also prove to
have great resemblance to a teacher.
Lastly, wish all the teachers a happy World Teachers' Day!
And thank you.


Miette-chan said...

This is great, the Madoka girls getting lessons on "befriending" form the master herself.

Too bad I don't really have any teacher like figmas to celebrate.

klaymore said...

thx Miette :)

maybe u can consider getting Mikuru

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a lot of teacher-ish figma you have and in one posting , too.

klaymore said...

many are from older galleries

Missmatsu said...

I love your photos ^^ The're really original and funny too :D

(sorry for my bad english... I'm a french figma fan ^^')

klaymore said...

thx Missmatsu :)