Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Figures' Christmas 2012

Christmas Time! Let's check out what my figures are up to during the
world's most celebrated festival in 2012. We shall look at each of the
series on their own.

Starting the show with my favourite music band the Ho-kago Tea Time
(HTT) from figma K-ON! Ritsu finally get to be the front man :)
Next up are the cute nendoroid petites from Angel Beats!
Obviously they are saying "Merry Christmas".
Saber from Fate Zero is escorting the von Einzbern family of
Irisviel, Kiritsugu and baby Illyasviel on Christmas night.
Mikuru is playing Santa with Yuki and Haruhi. They say good kids
get bigger presents. So yeah^^
These are the lovely casts of Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari.
Mayoi geniusly wraps herself as a present... I think this series have
the most animated facial expressions among all figmas.
The fantastic Vocaloids duo of Miku and Luka would like to join
the fun of presents giving too.
One year has passed since the last Christmas, Black Rock Shooter
still remain the only nendoroid series I owned... This time they will be
accompanied by the drum-playing Revoltech Skeleton-san.
How about the Index/Railgun ones? Index found something new to
eat, the Santa Touma :)
However, not everybody is having fun with Santa. Most of us probably
still remember poor Mami-san in this classic scene from Puella Magi
Madoka Magica. Homura seems to be saying "Not again..."
Also not forgetting the lone figmas that I have. Mirai, KOS-MOS,
Ika-chan and Aya together wishing you on my behalf:
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Master of the Sword said...

Merry Christmas!
Your Black Rock Shooter nendoroids look so cute there!

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays.

Dang... makes me want to do something like this also. But after Comic Fiesta. =D

klaymore said...

@Master, thx and Merry Christma to u too :)

@bd77, hope u enjoyed CF like i did, and yeah let's do some Xmas photos

Anonymous said...

You dolls are amazing