Saturday, April 09, 2011

How to kamehameha with figmas

As shown in the pic above, "kamehameha" is a long-ranged attacking skill that often being used in the Dragonball manga and anime. It was created by Master Roshi and became the signature move of his famous disciple, Goku.

The pose requires putting both hands together. It proves to be impossible for figma due to its limited articulations. However, it can be done by applying a little trick. This is a simple guide on on how to do a kamehameha pose with figmas.

First, a figma holder (that allows the stand to hold the figma from sideways) as circled in the pic above is needed. It comes with the newer figmas. My figma Yui of K-ON! (#057) and the ones after her have it.

Insert that holder between the right arm and the shoulder of your figma. An example is shown in the pic above with Fate-chan. Then used the standard open hands for both arms. However it will look awkward if the photo is taken from the front, as the holder looks too obvious.

Hence, the angle from behind the figma is much better. Fate-chan again shows how it can be done. Now we are ready to bomb everyone with kamehameha!

I have put this method to practical use in my figure comic below.

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