Friday, April 08, 2011

K-ON in the house!

Received a parcel from amiami. Inside is figma Yui and figma Mugi that i
have ordered last month.

Together with Mio and Ritsu, now i have four of the HTT (Houkago Tea Time)
members figma version from the anime K-ON!. I have waited for all of them
to arrive in order to open them at the same time.

First is Yui, the main character in the anime. The guitar strap is located
behind the background, together with the extra expressions sticker for her
blank face. Apart from that, she has an extra pair of indoor shoes (so do
the rest of the members) and one extra front hair-piece. The extra hands
and figma stand are standard stuff.

Next is my favourite character in the show, Mio. She comes with nearly
similar accessories with Yui, except her guitar is a left-handed bass guitar.
Her two extra faces will make her fun to play with :) She also has the "V"
sign hand for both side.

Moving on to the super-rich Tsumugi. She has no bag but her huge keyboard
made up for it. Compared to the others, her shoulders are slightly higher.
Luckily, her long hair covered that funny part.

As for Ritsu, she is the most energetic as well as the president of the K-ON club.
She comes with an amazing set of accessories. Her drum set alone is already
worth the price. I am very fortunate to be able to get her at 50% discount :)
Her extra front hair-piece enables some silly poses to be done.

The main reason of getting the whole band is to get them to play together. Lots
of pics were taken, just like the one above. Of course, one HTT member is still
missing. Azunyan will be on my buying list, so that the band can have full member.

Yui doing her windmill style

Overall, i am happy with the quality of the K-ON figmas. What impressed me most
is the drum set of Ritsu. It is very detail and looks amazingly realistic. Check
out the pic below.

Also check out figma Azusa and K-ON! Bad End for more pics.

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