Sunday, July 24, 2011

figma KOS-MOS landed

KOS-MOS from the game Xenosaga III is my most anticipated figma in 2011. I
have never played the game but only watched the anime some time ago. The
reasons for my high expectations can be found in the following picture.

Yes, the main reason is her accessories! Just look at the stuff that come with
her. Gatling guns, a long laser sword, a blade that attached to her hand, a pistol,
her chest weapon (not sure what that call) and of course extra face and hands.

The twin gatling guns have to be the most amazing weapons being released in
the figma line. They are so imposing that even cute girls carrying them will look
very deadly :)

One more look at KOS-MOS with her signature weapons.

Next, KOS-MOS is displaying her 2 cutting weapons. The one she is holding
with her right hand is a sword that is made of blue laser. I guess it should be as
razor sharp as lightsaber. The blade on her left hand comes with an elbow joint
that enables it to replace her left arm.

We also get a pistol that looks tiny compared to her other weapons. However,
it is still unique with its mix of silver, red and blue colour.

KOS-MOS also provided me an excuse to open and use my di:stage basic set
with black colour base. The 2 extra transparent sticks supporting the gatling guns
fit nicely onto the base. With this di:stage set, she can be displayed with all her
awesome weapons.

Time to have some fun with this figma. I equip her with a set of mecha wings
and she simply looks cool with it :)

I am trying to show her using her chest attack. You can see her armor at
the chest area is opened outward. I guess this is her ultimate weapon?

Here KOS-MOS is performing a backward slash with her blade. OK I admit
I just wanted to show off the superb sculpt work from the back... Anyway, this
is a huge break through in the figma sculpting world. Hopefully all future figma
girls will get this.

This is the room of KOS-MOS. As expected, she does not sleep on a normal
bed and her room is filled with weapons.

"What is KOS-MOS doing when she is not fighting in some intergalactic battles?"
You may ask. She goes to school. Yes, she enjoys normal school life with her
friends. By the way, she looks surprisingly good in uniform too.

KOS-MOS's cool and sexy battlesuit is also fun to play with. You can fit it with
the heads of other cute girls. Here her suit is borrowed by Aya from Se Kirara.

Another KOS-MOS + Aya combination.

figma KOS-MOS does have some issues. Her hip joint is weak and this makes
her hard to stand without a stand and base. Her price is also high as a normal
release. If taking pictures from a certain angle, her hip joint will be fully exposed.

However, she comes with great range of accessories, a stunning body and lovely
hair. She may not be the "figma of the year" as I have expected earlier but I feel
she is still a must-have for collectors.


Master of the Sword said...

I really want this figma *¬*
Nice photos<3

Miette-chan said...

This figma was a dream come true, if you had asked what character I wish got the figma treatment before I would have said Kos-Mos.

Also, nice angles XD.

klaymore said...


go get her, she is worth it :)

klaymore said...


when u take pics of KOS-MOS, u must explore those angles^^