Friday, July 08, 2011

Revoltech Skeleton Army

This figure was released as Revoltech at the end of 2010. My version here
is actually the second version that was re-released in April 2011 with a different
pattern on the shields. He (lets assume he was a guy) is from the movie "Jason
and the Argonauts". Althought he is called Skeleton Army, I only have 1 unit...
We will simply call him Skeleton-san here.

Skeleton-san comes with a few extra hands, 2 swords, one spear, 2 shields
and a diaroma. The weapons and shield look just like the ones we seen in some
movies. The most valuable item here is the diaroma. From the picture above,
it does not look so impressive but wait till you assemble the parts together.

Take a closer look at the diaroma. It is assembled from 3 different parts. The
damaged pillar gives a sense of chaos. The skeleton at the right side can actually
move his arm as well as changing to other hands. Hence apart from an open arm
as in this picture, he can also hold a sword or a spear. I can foresee this diaroma
appearing in many of my future picture :)

Lets move on to the posing with gun part. Skeleton-san looks cool with a
futuristic gun. By the way, he does not come with a stand and he is very
light in weight. Posing him might require a bit of patience and time.

Time to gear him up. This is the standard pose. Holding a sword with his right
hand and equip with a shield on the left. He comes with a special left arm,
which enables him to put on the shield fittingly.

Another look at the sword with a different shield. Of course, Skeleton-san
can always go into dual-sword mode just as he did in the first picture.

Don't forget about the deadly spear, which can be used to pierce through
the enemies or to be launched as a ranged weapon. Looking at his pro
throwing pose, maybe he was in the Olympics before becoming a skeleton :)

Skeleton-san will be my first collection of revoltech. How does he fit in with my
other figma girls? Well, some of them welcome him warmly.

Some are frightened by him.

Some shoot at him without any hesitation.

And some simply slice him into two...

Can skeletons like him exist in the future? Why not? They can be revived or
or being summoned anytime. The best thing is, they will advance with the new
era by adapting to the weapons of that time.

Overall, this is a very nice figure to have. His limbs and joints are a bit weak
but the good things out weight the bad. We get the classic ancient weapons,
a very well-made diaroma and a fun figure. I am very happy to own this and
Skeleton-san will surely be featured in lots of my future plans.


sαchie said...

Haha I love this, your posts are always really funny!
I love how BGS/DM are all like YAY but Mio is all like KYAA! very cute haha
But this revoltech looks really cool! Unusual! :D

klaymore said...

thx sachie :)

i think when seeing a moving skeleton, normal ppl like us will scream but BGS and DM are not normal

Luth said...

Ohwow, this skeleton looks rather cool and surprisingly well-made. I really like how they included the half-skeleton that can hold his own weapon. Also, he looks pretty awesome with a guitar

klaymore said...

he can also do keyboard, violin, drums etc^^