Saturday, October 08, 2011

figma Mikuru Adult Version

figma Mikuru Asahina Adult Version is from the anime Melancholy of Haruhi
Suzumiya. Happy to get her with a good price.

Mikuru's accessories include 2 extra face expressions, 8 hands, a standard
figma base and stand. The table and chair that comes with her are the
highlights of this figure.

This is a grown-up version of the original figma Mikuru. Here she is
showing us that she has a bike license.

Mikuru is a time travel from future. However, the anime never show her
time machine and herself always using "confidential information" to filter
her own words. It could be a special door like this.

As an agent from the future, we can expect her to be wielding highly
advanced and sophiscated weapons.

One of the feature of this figure is the flexiblity of the shirt. Mikuru has
2 extra hands that allow her to pull her shirt open. If look closely we
can even see her famous mole on her chest :)

Apart from that, Mikuru herself is an interesting figma. Her appearance
is suitable as a teacher or office lady. Here we can see the heads of
Hitagi and KOS-MOS on Mikuru's body.

A scene from K-ON!! is recreated here, which involves the 5 girls
trying to lie about the money they earned by selling Sawako's guitar.
Later they were busted and had to do a full kneeling apology. figma
Mikuru is very fitting for the role of Sawako-sensei.

But of course, we all know the selling point of this figure is the table
and chair. Some even bought a few of this figma just to get them.

A classroom scene can be easily put on display by setting up the table
and chair together with printed background.

Another classroom pic featuring Misaka and Misaka Imouto from the
anime A Certain Magical Index. Mikuru is the sensei again :)

Mikuru had mentioned that she enjoyed her time with the SOS Brigade,
which includes the brigade chief Haruhi and member Yuki.

The members were always dragged around by Haruhi into all sorts
of crazy but fun stuff. We hope their adventure will continue :)

Overall I am very satisfy with this version of figma Mikuru and would
recommend her to all.


M.L.C.M. said...

I love that K-On! scene, hahaha!! XD

klaymore said...

thx, me too :)

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed that K-On scene is gold.

Oh, the shirt opening effect can be put to good use, e.g, one of my post:

klaymore said...

bd77, who would have thought can be used as weapon too

and thats a lot of comics u made there :)