Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy 2011 Halloween

Still a little too early until Halloween 2011 but I would like to put up some pictures
that are related to this annual festival. These are a mix of new and old ones.
Enjoy :)

Witch costume is a common sight in Halloween. Yuki is blessed with
an Evil Witch version figma. She is showing off her witchcraft collection.

By the way, witchcraft is dangerous. Something like this might appear.

Mayoi-chan and Hitagi are trying to take down the evil Kanbaru^^

This Death is made possible by combining the head of Revoltech Skeleton,
the hoodie of figma Strength, the body and scythe of figma Dead Master.

Some people may not like Halloween. For example Mio. However, others
surely will be enjoying themselves :)

And Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

OMG. Epic on Kanbaru's pic. =O

Never thought that the 1/144 DeathScythe Hell Custom's wing can be used for that purpose.

klaymore said...

thx bd77, most 1/144 gundam work surprisingly well with figmas

Fabrice said...

Nice ideas!
Im digging the one of Yuki and dead master, my favorite and really fitting to the halloween theme

klaymore said...

thx Fabrice :)

Miette-chan said...

Oh man, that first picture is pure win, I love it. Definitely fits the mood.

klaymore said...

Miette, glad u like it

and Happy Halloween :)