Tuesday, November 22, 2011

figma Miku Append

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the 100th standard release figma that
is known as figma Miku Hatsune: Append version. She is the virtual diva from
the super popular singing synthesizer, Vocaloid. I am not familiar with Vocaloid
but i believe the Append version is the expansion of the original software.

Let's start with the accessories of figma Miku Append. She gets the usual
figma stand, base, extra hands and face expressions. Now the not so usual
ones as you can see here are the extra parts for her arms, skirt, waist and
a cable. The headphone is inluded as a special item that comes free with
this figure.

Miku in my "girl with gun" pose. None of her hands are suitable for holding
a gun so yeah...

Ok next Miku gonna show us the transformation sequence. Jump!

With a shout of "Henshin!" (transform), she turns on Append mode.

What will Miku do after the transformation? I seriously don't know... I am
guessing she can focus all her energy into singing. Well, these 3 pics are
to show all the extra parts and face expressions :)

As for the headphone, 3 colours are available and we will get them randomly.
I am please to get this grey one. My other figmas will have fun with it later :)

figma Miku Append is the figma number 100th and she is not shy to announce it
to everyone. This feeling is shared by her chibi (mini) selves. Yup they are from
the Vocaloid Nendoroid Petite set. They look so cute together^^

There is one thing about this version of figma Miku that bothers me. She is
bare footed! How does she go outdoor? How to make her ride a bike? Luckily
Miku is a smart girl and she "borrowed" Dead Master's high heels. Poor DM is
still searching for her missing shoes :)

This is a scene of a diva meeting her fans.

Miku is still 16 years old and school is a must for her. The school uniform
thanks to figma Mirai.

However, Miku is unlikely to be a good student. She must be tire due to all
her singing activities and might be sleeping a lot during classes... figma
Mikuru Adult ver returns as the teacher, again.

The futuristic outfit of figma Miku Append is also fun to have for other figma
characters. Haruhi does look not impressed by it but on the other hand, Fate
seems happy to fly around with her new sexy battle suit :)

Miku shows us more use of her suit here.

Initially, I bought figma Miku Append solely due to she is the 100th figma
but i am so happy with her that I even get figma Luka later to accompany
her. That mean this figure is highly recommended, by me :)  


Anonymous said...

I wanted to get her actually but... *looks at her foot*

Yeah... It is a bit of a faff... If she had come in boots, I'm sold~!

klaymore said...

totally understand how u feel, did not like her bare feet at first

but that is due to they are being faithful to the original design and u can actually make her wear shoes too :)

Miette-chan said...

Append Miku, I remember people going crazy for her both the figma and scaled figure but haven't really seen much of it since back then.

Can't say I fond of Append Miku, I'm love though with that more serious face though. How I wish I had for my regular Miku figma.

klaymore said...

the normal version of Miku will be released soon, but that was only available on GSC online shop

Anonymous said...

on peut enlever les chaussures de dead master ?