Tuesday, November 08, 2011

figma Madoka Kaname

Puella Magi Madoka Magica or Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika is the hot
candidate for anime of the year 2011. It is also my favourite series so far this
year. The main character of the show, Madoka Kaname gets a figma release
in her magical girl form.

Madoka's accessories include her weapon, which is a plant-like wand that
can be turned into a bow. They are kind enough to give her 4 arrows that look
like pink lightning beam. Apart from the smiling face, she gets 2 extra face
expressions. One is a serious face and the other is a surprise/shocked face.
The little white creature there is not a pet. More about it later.

Just like all my figma girls, Madoka will do a girl with guns pose for us. Her
serious face is quite suitable for this type of pics :)

Madoka has pink hair with her little twin tails tied with red ribbons. Her
dress is a mix of white, pink and red colour. Needless to say, she looks
extremely cute! As for that white creature, it is called Kyubey. I cannot
talk much about it because that will spoil the show for those who have 
not watch it yet.

This is the bow form that is changed from her magic wand. figma Madoka
comes with a special right hand that can hold the arrow like this.

Magical girl is a tough role to play. Especially when you are still a rookie.
Madoka's surprise/shocked face is perfect for this kind of fun pose :)

However, time keeps changing and new power will eventually replace
the old ones. These 3 pics are from Magical Girls Power Struggle.

The inevitable war of the gods. The girl at the right is figma Haruhi from
the anime Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. If you have watched both series,
then you will understand this pic more.

I feel Madoka's magical girl outfit looks a lot like a maid uniform. It is no surprise
Madoka actually work part-time at a maid cafe^^ A cameo appearance here
by Hitagi and Kanbaru from the anime Bakemonogatari. By the way, Madoka
being clumsy is just my imagination...

Madoka's cute dress can be a lot of fun. What if Saber (from the anime Fate/Stay
Night) is summoned in this form? Yeah she willl be very upset :)

I have heard many issues about figma Madoka from other collectors. Some 
of them are true for mine too, such as her neck is tilted a bit too much to the
front, which makes her look a bit hunch. There are some minor paint job issues
too. As for the complaints that she is too small, that is not a problem for me.

Overall, I am satisfy with this figure. Madoka is my first figma from the anime
series but she will not be the last. I plan to collect all five of them and I definitely
look forward to it.

Also check out: figma Homura, figma Mami and figma Sayaka.


Miette-chan said...

I should really open my Madoka figma. I find her to be quite exploitable for pictures due to that shocked face of hers.

Happy to hear another fellow collector that plans to get all the Puella Magi too.

klaymore said...

the 5 Magi girls have very interesting designs and i really like the series

yeah time to open your Madoka :)

Anonymous said...

Madoka's shocked face is VERY exploitable.

And the maid cafe scene, it just the right one for it. =D

With all five magical girls, I can expect some future... trouble. XD

klaymore said...

i am sure u will enjoy that face of hers :)

but it will be quite a long wait for gathering all 5 of the girls

MaTachi said...

Nice pic with Saber. :D

klaymore said...

@MaTachi, thx