Friday, December 09, 2011

figma Mayoi Hachikuji

figma Mayoi Hachikuji is the third figma release from the popular anime
Bakemonogatari. She could easily be the cutest figma and you will see
why here.

I have to admit I am very impressed with the accessories of Mayoi. As usual,
she has the figma stand/base, the extra face expressions and extra hands.
Take a look at the yellow umbrellas, which have both open and closed mode.
Everyone will love that cute bulky pink bag of hers too. Lastly, Mayoi also get
an extra lower body that allow her to perform crouching pose.

Mayoi's angry face is suitable for pose like this. Loli with gatling guns!

Ok let's look at a more conventional image of Mayoi. In the anime, she always
carry that bag around. The umbrella appears only in the OP animations. Yup,
that is her lovely smiling face :)

Recreating a scene in the anime. The angry dude is Araragi, who always
get into a fight with Mayoi whenever they see each other. However, that is
their way of communication and they are actually good friends.

Combining her crouching lower body and that happy smiling face expression,
we will get a super cute Mayoi-chan^^

Do not assume Mayoi is only small and cute. When the situation needs, she is
capable to protecting herself as well as those around her. With the help of her
trusted umbrella, of course :) Cameo by Revoltech Skeleton Army.

We can take a good look at all of figma Mayoi's amazing accessories in this
pic. Her bag looks like a pink color bird. The next 2 pics will be showing the
use of her umbrellas and bag.

The Hirasawa sisters, Yui and Ui walking with the umbrella in a rainy day.

Misaka Onee-sama and her clone sister Misaka Imouto, who seems to be
carrying the pinky bag to a mission. Misaka can't get her eyes off the cute
little green bear at the side of the bag^^

Apart from her impressive accessories, figma Mayoi's petite loli body is also
fun to play around with. Both Madoka and Kagura look compatibale with it.

Posing with the rest of the Bakemonogatari figmas that already been released,
Senjougahara, Araragi and Kanbaru. A cute figma Mayoi is a must for fans of
the anime and should be considered seriously by all figma collectors.

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Miette-chan said...

Mayoi is nice, really photogenic. While I do not own one myself I did get to play with her a while back. Almost regret not buying one for myself, almost, good thing I have one at hand.

klaymore said...

yeah remember seeing your outdoor session with Mayoi, she is fun to have :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, you have the whole (currently) gang. =D

The umbrella and bag are useful items for the rest of the figma gang.

klaymore said...

i wish to have all of them too but till now they have not announce Hanekawa...