Friday, December 16, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Part 3

The Behind The Scenes section has already reach part 3. We will continue
to look at how some of my picture scenes were being setup. Again, 5 of my
work are featured here as below.

Rei The Rider - Completed

Rei The Rider - Behind The Scenes
In order to show Rei in her cool rising pose, many small size rocks are
used. The spear is top-heavy and has to be placed carefully so it can
stay in a standing position. And yes, it is a Zoid^^


Taking a break - Completed

Taking a break - Behind The Scenes
This is the balcony of my house, which is facing a nice scenery of
the city skyline. A white box is used as a base. The challenge is not
to drop them :)


War of the Gods - Completed

War of the Gods - Behind The Scenes
You can see a lot of clippers are used to support the weapons, which
are mostly from Gundam, Fate/Stay Night and Revoltech Skeleton
Army. Extra care taken to ensure no scratches to the weapons.


Miku Jump! - Completed

Miku Jump! - Behind The Scenes
The idea is to create a feeling of Miku jumping in the air without the
use of the figma stand. The trick is to hold one of Miku's twintail while
taking the photo. The effects are added later.


K-Knights - Completed

K-Knights - Behind The Scenes
One of my favourites. They get the help of a d:stage base and a
couple of figma stands. The weapons belong to multiple Gundam
series. In order to hide the stands, many rounds of adjustment and
photo snapping took place (more than 50 pics I guess). As for the
sky and cloud at the background, they are not real :)

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Miette-chan said...

Awesome, more behinds the scene stuff. My favorite has to be the one with Haruhi and Madoka. So cool when looking at the picture but so silly when you see the whole thing.

klaymore said...

haha sometimes the truth not what we expect