Sunday, February 26, 2012

figma Guts from Berserk

Finally getting a rest day after 15 days of working. Naturally, I decided to spend
some time with my figures. Guts is the main character from the manga Berserk. A
trilogy movies will be released starting this year and figma Guts is what we get as
its merchandise. I am excited as Berserk is one of my all time favourite mangas.

figma Guts does not come with many accessories but the important ones are
included, fortunately. He has only 9 hands including his arm cannon. We get
2 face expressions, wish he has one more... His famous weapon, the sword
called Dragon Slayer and a black cape make up the rest of the items.

I would grade Guts's face sculpting as a "pass". However, they did a very good
job with his body. Amazing details can be seen on his armor, waist bags, chains,
knife, shoulder plates (made of soft plastic) and his mechanic left arm. As shown
in this pic, the Dragon Slayer can be hung to his back with the help of the chain.

Due to my tatse with "girls with guns", Guts too have to post with some guns. Of
course in conjunction with his giant sword, he gets a giant one as well. Look at
Guts's left hand, his mechanic arm is actually a deadly arm cannon :)

Let's take a deeper look into the story of Guts. He grew up in battlefield and
continued to sharpen his fighting skills. Guts lost his right eye and left arm in
a tragic incident where almost all his comrades were sacrificed (this should
be covered in the trilogy movies). After recovered, Guts obtained the Dragon
Slayer and started his road for revenge. Since then, he was known as the
"Black Swordsman".

Guts is a fearsome fighter, who possess both incredible strength as well as
blinding speed. His enormous experience in battlefield and assassinations made
him nearly undefeated. He would not hesitate to cut down his enemies, whether
they are human or not.

Guts has a huge body size. He is so imposing that the other male figmas
look like kids in front of him.

Despite his bullying outlook, Guts is surprisingly popular among lolis
(go read the manga if you don't believe me). Now imagine Mayoi-chan
shouting "Go Berserker!" ^^

Oh about the black cape, it is made of paper-like cloth material combining
with soft plastic parts. I find it quite useful for other figures. Araragi-kun can
enjoy himself looking like a vampire prince while Strength (STR)'s hoodie
works well with the cape too.

What if Guts goes to school...

Do not be surprised by Guts's other talents apart from fighting and
killing haha.

Overall, I have no complaints. figma Guts Black Soldier version delivers
what fans like me want, not excellent but satisfying. However, I do wish
for another version of Guts, not the space mecha version like this pic^^
Hopefully will be one with Guts clad in the Berserker Armor.

As for now, will be waiting for figma Griffith, the second main character
in Berserk. Oh do check out the manga!


exilehero said...

Hahaha great post, great shots! I have the Guts Figma too and I'm happy with it. I think the face is supposed to be ugly, haha.

You mention that other male Figmas look like kids in front of Guts, but if you think about it they ARE kids. They are 16 or 17 year olds.

That shot of Guts at school is just too silly.

Luth said...

Nice review! LOVE that pic with Guts fighting the skeletons and your pics with him interacting with the other figmas are priceless as well. I've only seen the anime and played the Dreamcast game but I can't wait to see the movies.

klaymore said...

@exilehero yeah maybe Guts's face suppose to look dirty, and his school pic is purposely done for fun, btw saw your post about Guts with Queens Blade too :)

@Luth thx man, and do try the manga too, which is the real classic

Miette-chan said...

Man, Guts is one of those figmas that came out of the left field but boy was I glad.

I kinda wish he had come with more accessories like his bow for instance or more faces but overall I'm quite happy with the end result.

I love how he towers over other figmas, even revoltechs like he should.

Anonymous said...

Guts verses the skeleton army, now that's epic, the shot.

The last pics... GWAHAHAA~! Those are gold.

I could imagine he'd be saying:
Guts, black soldier. IKEMASu~!

klaymore said...

@Miette yeah the cool bow on his left arm, would be good if they include Puck too, maybe will come with Griffith

@bd77 haha thx :) Guts's serious face also make him fun to pose in silly situations with the others