Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Valentine's Day in 2012 is approaching and we can feel love everywhere :)
Managed to have some of my figures featuring in lovey dovey scenes. The
theme used for this year is "flower". Hence, every pic here will have one or
more flowers in it.

Let's start with a normal couple (If you know me then you know well we will
not stay "normal" for long^^) of Otonashi and Tenshi from Angel Beats!

Love comes with many forms. When we talk about Nanoha and Fate, we are
obviously looking at mutual love.

Unfortunately, current may flow only one-way. When will Touma become aware
of Misaka's unrequited love?

Love brings happiness and joy!

But sometimes, love can be painful too...

Love can get messy when we have a triangle. Who should Black Rock
Shooter choose? Dead Master or Strength? Sorry BRS-chan, can't help
your here.

Love is more than just for lovers. For example, it can be family.

Non-human also can. Yes that's Azunyan and Ton-chan!

Remember, love has no boundary. It can last forever.

However, not all love will be easily accepted. This is ust a little treat for the
yaoi fans. Araragi and Touma are normally not into this. Normally :)

Hope you enjoy it. Happy Valentine's Day!


Miette-chan said...

So my different forms of love, I remember something like if you asked a 100 people you would get 100 different forms of love.

My favorite ones have to be the Index and K-On! ones.

sαchie said...

My favourite is Azunyan and Tonchan :3

STR, DM, an BRS... What about BGS? D:

Anonymous said...

Ah yes... The 14th... where all the pairings do there stuff. XD

Mio and Ritsu, oh my. The rest of the gang are in the paparazzi mode. XD

... must unsee the last one... X_x

klaymore said...

@Miette, yup love to one person may be poison to another

@sachie, BGS in the OVA only been fighting, maybe the TV series will show us more about her romance life :)

@bd77, Mio Ritsu is one of my fav pair too, i already knew not many can take the last pic^^

M.L.C.M. said...

Ton-chan LOL XD

klaymore said...

yup turtle power haha

h4mster said...

Cool, I love the way you incorporate flower to all of the pictures :D

Anonymous said...

Azu Nyan and Ton Chan xDD

But I love BRS, STR and DM o .o

klaymore said...

@h4mster ths :)

@legacy i love them all^^