Tuesday, March 27, 2012

figma Nadeko Sengoku

figma Nadeko Sengoku, the fourth girl and fifth character from the anime
Bakemonogatari that gets a figma release.

Time to take a look at the  accessories. As with the other figmas from
Bakemonogatari, Nadeko comes with three face expressions. She also
get a hat as well as her coat just like in the anime. There are 2 coats,
which can be used in different situations. Interestingly, extras arms and
clasped hands are included too.

Nadeko in girls with guns mode. She does not seem very comfortable
in handling weapons :)

Nadeko is holding the lucky charm that can made her wish comes true.
Check out her coat. This is the normal version with the sleeves down.

The second version of her coat looks like being blown towards the back
and the sleeves flying to the sides. This gives a nice feel of movement
and will be suitable to potray breezing wind around any character. Yomi
will be the model here.

One unique feature of figma Nadeko is her 2 set of clasped hands for
both the front and the back. Together with the extra arms, we are able
to pose Nadeko in her shy or cute look. Notice the red waist pouch
that she always carrying hidden beneath her shirt.

 Nadeko's body prove to be useful too, especially for those figmas that
comes with only school uniform. With the help of Mayoi, now we can pose
Yui and Azunyan in casual wear^^

The anime clearly indicates that Nadeko is in love with Araragi. In the second
season (Nisemonogatari), Nadeko became even more aggressive in pursuing
her love.

Naturally, this does not sit well with Hitagi, Araragi's girlfriend. And hence,
confrontation like this is inevitable...

 Sadly, my figma Nadeko comes with the defected left hand as can be
seen in this pic. That is why Nadeko is crying :(

Anyway, i will overlook that minor issue since i have many similar hands
with other figmas. Posing all the Bakemonogatari characters together is
really fun and satisfying. The only missing piece now is Hanekawa, which
is scheduled to be released in August 2012.


Miette-chan said...

Nadeko, I think she is the cutest of the Bakemonogatari figmas.

Such a shame about the hand, I recently found out the same thing happened to one of Azusa's hands.

Anonymous said...

Her jacket is pretty useful with other figma girls I see. =D

Wow... that's a nasty defect on her hand... D=

klaymore said...

@Miette, i think Mayoi is the cutest :) for my Azusa, the problem is the neck joint...

@bd77, yeah i really like how they give us 2 of it, and hope the upcoming figmas can maintain quality instead of rushing for release