Saturday, March 10, 2012

figma Kuroko Shirai

Finally, I am able to get my hands on figma Kuroko, the third exclusive release
figma from the anime Toaru Majutsu no Index (A Certain Magical Index). Kuroko
is just a side character in that show but she is one of the main ones in another
anime series called A Certain Scientific Railgun.

figma Kuroko is bundled together with a PSP game for Railgun. Here the box
is shown on the right while the little box for the game disc is at the left. There
is also a small piece of cloth that is beneath the feet of Kuroko that comes with
the box set.

Check out the accessories. We get nearly everything that charaterize Kuroko
in the anime. These include her Judgement armbands, handcuffs, school bag,
metal nails (her weapons) and a total of 3 face expressions.

Kuroko uses metal nails like these as weapons to pin down her oppenents. Of
course she does not kill them as she is a member of the Judgement, which is
a group that maintain peace in the Academy City. The metal nails come as
something like a model kit. You have to take each of them out and insert into
her special hands. I think we get extras because they are so small and thus
easy to be lost.

Kuroko carries those nails with a strap around her thighs as shown in this
picture, which also feature Misaka and her Imouto. Kuroko is a Level 4
ability user. Her unique skill is Teleport.

The handcuffs are fun to have. I can foresee many more use of it in
the future :) Nodoka and Touma made a cameo here.

No girls with guns this time but we have girls with armband haha.
Haruhi and Nodoka (again).

In the anime, Kuroko is always very serious towards her duty as a member of
the Judgment. However there is another side of her character. She is madly
obsess with Misaka, which she call her as "Onee-sama". Scenes of Kuroko
jumping on Misaka appear nearly in every episode of Railgun...

Kuroko is suppose to be 12 years old. Yes you may be surprise! She could
be the most perverted 12 years old. This nature of her makes her the funniest
character in the show and my second favourite in Railgun :)

figma Kuroko is an exclusive and limited release, but I got her in a half price
discount and it is not that bad a price for me. Overall, she is a fine figure and
an important part in my Index/Railgun collection.

Also check out figma Misaka and figma Misaka Imouto.


Anonymous said...

Wait... an exclusive, at half-price...

Oh my, looks like things will be more "exciting" from now on. ;)

klaymore said...

half price yes bd77, but the shipping is full price

and whenever Kuroko is around, it is always exciting^^

Miette-chan said...

Ah Kuroko is such a fun figma, her expressions and accessories are really exploitable for many fun situations.

I still have yet to use those metal nails, I keep thinking they will be as annoying as Sakuya's knives.

klaymore said...

yeah the metal nails are dangerously small, i intend to keep them on her hands so they wont get lost

agreed Kuroko will be fun :)

Kashfiya said...

Really nice post. I love this superb anime series and just ordered nice Certain Scientific Railgun anime series at PIJ. I love this anime and hope will get this one in a week.I really enjoyed your all images. Thanks for this great share.

klaymore said...

thx kashfiya, glad u like it

and the 2nd season of railgun just started in Apr, cant miss that one too :)