Friday, October 26, 2012

figma Griffith from Berserk

Who is this knight with a pretty face? Ladies and gentlemen, meet figma
Griffith. He is from the manga/anime called Berserk. Together with Guts,
Griffith is one of the main characters.

Similar to figma Guts, Griffith does not have a lot of accessories but he
does come with the important ones. These include his helmet that look
like the head of a hawk, a sabre and a white cape. The sheath for the
sabre is attached to his waist and not removable.
This is how Griffith looks when he equipped his helmet and cape. I thought
figma Guts has amazing body details. However, they did even better with
Griffith. I am very happy in this department :)
In the story, Griffith first appeared as the leader of the Band of the Hawk.
They are mercenaries that one day met Guts in the battlefield. Griffith
recruited Guts into his army by beating him in a duel.
With Griffith's excellent battle strategies and leadership, coupled with
Gut's fighting prowess and his well-trained army, the Band of the Hawk
rose quickly within the ranks of Midland. The rest of the story can be
found in the manga or the trilogy movies.
Depicted as charismatic and ambitious, Griffith set his dream extremely
high. You can imagine if he lives in the modern era, he will still be very
successful while aiming only at the top.
Oh by now you may noticed that Griffith has a very pretty face for a guy.
He will surely be the centre of attention among the girls^^
In fact, he is so pretty that he could have been mistaken for a girl...
No way Griffith's amazingly detailed body will be wasted by not having
some fun with other figmas. Especially poor Sunred-san, who does not
come with his hero suit. Now he can fight the baddies while looking nice
and shinny.
Can the girls use this body too? Of course! Time to promote my
favourite couple :)
Griffth is most detailed figma that I have seen so far. I can forgive
them for giving him only 2 faces and little accessories. If you are
a fan of Berserk, this figure is highly recommended.
Also check out figma Guts.


Miette-chan said...

Man, Griffith sure looks nice, but how I do hate the guy. So, I simply passed on him and stayed content with just Guts.

klaymore said...

yeah i guess nobody likes him...

Anonymous said...

Griffith is too pretty for his own good. LoL.

Some say that his face surpasses some of the girls, and this made them pretty angry.

klaymore said...

i am one of those who think that, his face is done really pretty :)