Thursday, November 08, 2012

Behind The Scenes: figma K-ON! Stage Play

Behind The Scenes for this round is solely focused on the stage setup
for K-ON! Stage Play: Romeo and Juliet. The objective to is to recreate
that epic scene in episode 19 of K-ON!! season 2.

This is how the completed scene looks.
First, let's start with the background. Yup that tree is considered a
background too^^
Print the brick walls on a card paper in A3 size.
After some cutting and folding, place them together with the park
background plus wooden floor.
Again print out the trees, brances and bushes.
This is how the bushes look from the front and back.
As you can see, the tree branches are very thin and will be too
weak for Yui to hold them. Toothpicks are attached onto them to
make them stronger.
Next, we have to cut a hole on the tree that is able to fit the height
of Yui's face. Note that she is in a kneeling position.
After setting up the background, let's move on to the characters of
Romeo and Juliet. A body and some parts are borrowed from Mami
and Sayaka.
Juliet (Ritsu) is suppose to be behind a higher wall. A figma stand
will do the trick. This is the view from the back.
Now everything is inn place. Take a look at the set from above.
Add in the red curtains and we have a stage play :)


Lyndon Requena said...

Nice nice nice

Miette-chan said...

This is cool, I should try it out sometime. Never occurred to be to print stuff in heavier paper or cardboard.

klaymore said...

@Lyndon, thx :)

@Miette, normally just paper is fine for bg, but this time need harder paper for the probes