Saturday, November 24, 2012

figma Karen Araragi

figma Karen Araragi is the latest of my figures collection. She is from the anime
Nisemonogatari, which is a sequel to one my my favourites, Bakemonogatari.
Karen and her younger sister, Tsukihi are nicknamed as Fire Sisters. She only
appeared briefly in Bakemonogatari but is the heroine in the Karen Bee arc.

Karen does not have much to show in the accessories department. She
comes with extra feet with socks, a head with short haired and the special
effects for her attack. Apart from the usual hands, we have two pair of
holding hands.
Karen is an energetic girl. She constantly put herself in trainings and
exercises. We can see here she is practising her punching in a dojo :)
Karen Kick!
We all knew that Karen is the younger sister of Koyomi Araragi, the hero
of Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari. Karen is the taller one and this
annoys Araragi. (Actually both figmas have the same height)

Karen is a hot-blooded girl that often act before she thinks. She sees
herself as a hero of justice. (Revoltech Skeleton Army has to play the
bad guy again...)
This personality finally gets her into trouble. Karen found out that a man
named Deishuu Kaiki is using fake charms in scamming students for
money. She tracked him down and faced him alone. Unfortunately, Karen
was defeated and inflicted with the curse of a flame-wreath bee. (Had to
use figma Kiritsugu since no way they will release figma Kaiki)
Araragi was very worry after he learned about Karen's involvement
with the supernatural. However, Karen refused the help of her brother
and both of them fought due to that. Yup that is the special effects of
Karen's bone-breaking attack. Must be painful...
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the famous siblings toothbrushing scene
in Nisemonogatari^^ Want to know what happened? Find out more in
the anime or novels. Notice Karen is wearing socks instead of shoes.
Also wanted to recreate this scene where Karen carried Araragi on
her shoulder while making their way to Kanbaru's house :) This is also
the time when Karen started to appear short haired.
Karen's body can be a good fit for other figma girls, such as the
sporty Mato and the equally energetic Subaru.
Ok these holding hands are meant for the two Fire Sisters but Tsukihi
is not released yet. We will have Hanekawa to stand in for now...
Overall, Karen is a fine figure with no issues. She is gladly welcomed by
the rest of the Bakemonogatari figmas. Will be fun when we get Tsukihi
to join the group :) 
Also check out figma Senjougahara, Mayoi, Nadeko and Hanekawa.


Anonymous said...

even the lack of accessories, the effect parts well worth it (to the dismay of Araragi).

To becareful with the flexi-material for her pants, some has issues with it and... snapped.

klaymore said...

oh is it that bad? will be more careful with her

thx bd77 :)