Saturday, November 22, 2014

AK-Garden [7] on November 16, 2014 @ Tokyo

Was enjoying a Tokyo trip with friends in the past week and incidentally, 
AK-Garden also happen to be held on November 16, 2014. 

The AK-Garden starts at 11am and the entrance fees is 1000 yen. After 
some lining up, we were leaded up 4 stories of stairs and greeted with 
a heavenly scene for collectors :) 

First thing that caught my eyes are the amazing costumes for 1/12 scale 
size figures and dolls. 

Looks like winter fashion? 

They even have their own Oktoberfest. 

As well as a little Christmas party :) 

There are simply too many nice costumes and clothing to choose 
from in AK-Garden! 

I was shopping for 1/12 scale accessories. They have stairs, ladders, 
cones, barrels, tatami mat etc. 

Also can find house furniture such as beds, tables, racks, cupboards... 

How about a house^^ 

While talking about houses, i must present to you this trailer home. 

Just look at the stunningly detailed interior... each of these items 
are sold separately. 

The variety of accessories totally made me dizzy. They range from 
food, gadgets, musical instruments to roller coaster seats. 

Now let's check out some high-tech stuff, such as these wings 
and weapons. 

Impressive looking cockpits for mechas. Oh you can't buy them at 
AK-Garden, only available for pre-order. 

Can't get my eyes off these mecha girls, transformable bikes and 
weapons too. 

If you are planning to setup your own rooms, here can find all the 
required stuff as well as some ideas. 

Classrooms, living rooms, bath rooms, restaurants, all can be found. 

Apart from the 1/12 stuff, AK-Garden also have dolls with different 
scales, plastic models and other stuff. 

In the 3 hours spent there, of course I did not forget to pick up some 
spoils :) Hopefully, got a chance to join again in the future. 

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