Friday, October 31, 2014

My Figures' Halloween 2014

There are many scary things in Halloween. Let's see what is the scariest in 
this year's Halloween, as presented by my dear figmas and nendoroids. 

Kagura and Yomi will start it off with the usual trick or treat. 

When we are talking about scary stuff, some are forever its victims, 
such as Mio-tan. 

On the other hand, some themselves are scarier than anything else... 

Some do not realize how close they are. 

Of course, we know it is scary when out late at night. 

It will be quite scary too if you don't know what ingredient did 
the cook use to make your food. 

And Archer shows us how scary it is to be outnumbered. 

However, the scariest might be what Madoka is going through... 

Happy Halloween! 

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