Monday, August 08, 2011

figma Azusa Nakano aka Azunyan

figma Azusa Nakano from the anime K-ON! has joined my collection recently.
She is also known as Azu-nyan (we will call her Azunyan here) thanks to her
Yui-senpai's funny idea of her with a cat ear.

Her keionbu (K-ON light music club) senpais Yui, Mio, Ritsu and Mugi
must be feeling just like me, waiting anxiously for her arrival.

Let's check out her accessories. Azunyan comes with a guitar, a guitar bag,
an extra pair of indoor shoes, the standard stand/base, 8 extra hands and
her now trademark cat ear! Her extra faces include an angry/serious one
and a blushing shy/embarrased one.

Give Azunyan a gun and you will see a funny picture. The champion of Anime
Saimoe Tournament in 2010 still looks cute while holding a weapon like this :)

Another attempt to bring out her killing intent.

Time to know more about Azunyan. She is a hardworking girl. She often
practice her guitar skills at home. It is no surprise that we can see a lot of
cats in her house. After all, she is the queen of nyans^^ There is a picture
of her little turtle pet Ton-chan hanging on the wall too.

Her senpais regard Azunyan as their angel. They even made a song specially
for her that was called "Tenshi ni Fureta yo!" (Touched by an Angel!), which is
one of my favourite songs in the series.

Azunyan enjoys walking to school together with her friends. In this picture
here are the Hirasawa sisters, Yui and Ui. 

She is amazed by how much fun they had during the K-ON club activities.

Including the daily tea party, which mostly sponsored by Mugi.

Sometimes the other club members would give her a little surprise...

Of course, all of us know that what Azunyan love most is playing music
together with the other band members of Ho-kago Tea Time (HTT), who
also happen to be her senpais in the K-ON club.

Even though they are in light music club, they do get into hard rock mode too :)

The girls also share the same dream. Their own live concert in Budokan!

However just like all good things will come to an end, the senpais who are one
year older than Azunyan had graduated and went to university. It is over for
Azunyan, who was left behind in high school. (tissue paper please...)

But no worries, Azunyan is a very determined girl. She would work hard
to make sure their beloved K-ON club will continue its proud tradition of
producing moe girls... i mean producing good music.

And one day she would surely catch up and rejoin her K-ON senpais in
Ho-kago Tea Time, the most popular light music band in the anime history.

This gallery is a continuation of K-ON in the house!

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Miette-chan said...

K-On! is fun, so much fun times to have when all the girls are together.

So much teasing to be done to the cute underclassman.

The K-On! figmas are fun to play with, some of favorites over all.

klaymore said...

agreed they are really fun to have :)

also their figmas are in very good quality compared to other titles

sαchie said...

I envy your background sets! Azunyan is so cute, but I really really want Ui! She's adorable, but so expensive ):

klaymore said...

the bg is atcually printed paper :)

Ui and Nodoka are more expensive because they are exclusive release