Saturday, June 04, 2011

A Certain figma Misaka Imouto

Welcome Misaka Imouto (Little Sister) from the anime Toaru Majutsu no Index (A
Certain Magical Index). Together with Kosmos, they are my most anticipated figmas
in 2011. I have ordered her way earlier in Oct 2010. This an exclusive release,
which is only available in Dengekiya online store for residents in Japan only.

Misaka Imouto (from now on will call her simply as Imouto-chan) does not come with
a lot of accessories. However, the ones she has are special. Firstly, her figma stand
is not the tranparent type like the standard ones. Instead it is in black colour.

Beneath the base of the stand has an unique number. Yes! Each of the figma 
Imouto-chan is unique with the running number from 00001 to 20000. As shown
in the pic above, mine is #11700. Similar to figma Misaka, she also comes with a
blue electric effect.

When we talk about this figma, we must mention her weapons. The assault rifle
seems to be her favourite weapon. In the anime, she even keep it in her school
bag... Imouto-chan gets a few special hands to hold it.

The second of her two weapons is the sniper rifle, which is taller than herself
when placed vertically. This weapon is the main reason why I am getting her.
The feeling is similar to BRS and her huge cannon. Both of her rifles are
very detail and look awesome!

Imouto-chan nearly look identical to Misaka, which she refers as Onee-sama
(Big Sister). The main differences between them are the eye pattern, the visor that
is always on Imouto-chan's head and Imouto-chan's panty. Here she looks happy
after successfully convinced Misaka to put on a visor. Take note of her perverted
face. That is a priceless extra face expression :)

Imouto-chan and Onee-sama the Railgun make a good team. They can
compliment each other with their diversed weapons and skills.

Or they can fry the enemies with their lethal electricity power.

Together they rule the school.

Imouto-chan's hobby is to enjoy Onee-sama performing violin on stage.

But Onee-sama may not feel so comfortable when they get too noisy.

Imouto-chan is also kind enough to show us her room. It looks neat and clean.
Oh what is that kimono doing here? You may ask.

That has something to do with her dream of one day wearing it together with
her Onee-sama...

Overall, Imouto-chan is a unique figma with great weapons, a fun extra face
expression and cool head wear. Personally, I enjoy her very much :)


Anonymous said...

haaaaaah =w= my imouto-tan =w= cant wait to finally have u in my collection ^^

klaymore said...

go and have fun with her^^