Friday, June 24, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Part 1

After creating figure pics and comics for a while, I realised the number of them is
quite high. Thus, I have an idea of compiling "behind the scenes" shots for some
of my work. They will be presented in parts. Each part consists of 5 creations
and their "behind the scenes". This is Part 1.

Yomi Slash - Completed

Yomi Slash - Behind The Scenes
Using a huge white paper as background, Yomi is made into a position where
she had swung her katana. In order to show the skeleton being slashed into 2
parts, his left leg is locked by a clip that is meant to hang clothes. My left
hand is holding his sword so his upper body looks like floating in the air. After
obtaining shots that are satisfying, the photo is edited and work completed!


Thousand-hand Yuki - Completed

Thousand-hand Yuki - Behind The Scenes
Yuki doing a Buddha style thousand-hand is possible with the help of some
other figmas. Here we have BRS, Yomi and Reika standing behind Yuki. Their
heads have to be removed as their hair may mess up the pic. After determined
the camera angle, their heights have to be adjusted until their shoulders aligned
with each other. Hence some stuff can be seen below Yuki and BRS's feet.


Black Rock Swing - Completed

Black Rock Swing - Behind The Scenes
For this scene, a printed park background is being used. The chains are hung
to the top of the figma box with paper clips. The cannon, which is used as the
seat for the swing is being tied by the chains on both ends.


Mahjong Beats! - Completed

Mahjong Beats! - Behind The Scenes
Nothing much about this, only use a set of mahjong and a Chinese fan as


Let the game begin - Completed

Let the game begin - Behind The Scenes
Reika posing with the city skyline as background. I do not want to use the figma
stand, hence my left hand is holding her feet while my right hand is shooting.
After that, the photo is cropped to focus on only Reika and the skyline.

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