Wednesday, June 08, 2011

figma Ayanami Rei

Evangelion is the super popular anime that needs no introduction. From the
recently remade movies, Rei is reborn in figma form. She had been delayed
for about 4 months before finally being released in May 2011. I am not a
big fan of Evangelion but I do like Rei most out of all its female casts.

Rei comes with no weapons or much accessories. However, she has the cockpit
of the entry plug with her. That cockpit requires an extra figma stand and base. As
the pioneer of the "quiet girl", no surprise her 3 face expressions are quite similar
to each other with only slight variations. There is a hand holding the walkman,
which belongs to Shinji, the hero of the show.

Now let's move on to the standard routine of equiping with a gun. As shown in this
pic, she looks comfortable with it.

But Rei is not satisfy with only one gun. She displays her skills in handling multiple
weapons with a gun and lightsaber.

figma Rei will not be complete without her biggest accessories, the cockpit. Some
would call it entry plug, entry seat, pilot seat or other names. But here let's just call it
as cockpit. The cockpit suits Rei very well. Even her plug suit design is clearly to
enable her to sit on the cockpit easily.

Apart from piloting her Eva (a huge mecha), Rei can also fight with the cockpit
as shown in the pic. She is coolly holding a bazooka.

Do not underestimate the cockpit. It is capable of defending itself.

As well as fighting alongside Rei. That looks like a good team

But the cockpit proves to be more useful than just fighting. It can be turned
into Rei's personal car.

Others can't help but feeling envy about Rei's "only one in the world" vechicle.

Sometimes Rei would convert it into a racing car so she can enjoy the excitement
of speeding without seatbelt.

Ta-Da! It transforms into a plane and Rei is seen happily flying it around.

Gatling guns can be carried to add more firepower. So yeah, never mess with Rei!

Rei also can go flying with these wings.

Another angle of Rei with wings. You can see her serious face here.

And another one.

What is Rei's hobby? We can imagine it must be playing violin :)

Overall, Rei is a very nicely made figma. She is highly posable and has one of the
coolest accessories in the form of her cockpit. I had a lot of fun with her :)
Also check out the new figma Rei Ayanami 2.0


Anonymous said...

Where did you get those mecha wings, they look great! Are they from a gundam kit?

klaymore said...

yup, borrowed Gundam parts from a friend :)

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me which specific gundam model has those mecha wings? I want to duplicate your cool idea.