Saturday, April 14, 2012

figma Rei Ayanami 2.0

I had lots of fun with my previous figma Rei Ayanami gallery so here we have
the version 2.0 :) However, this time we will skip her introductions as well as 
her accessories part. Instead, will explore more on Rei with the variety of
weapons and gadgets from other figures.

It is no surprise that Rei is very compatible with figma KOS-MOS's weapons
as they have very similar colour scheme and style.

While we are at it, let's give Rei a cool looking cape and sexy high thighs^^

Now Rei has turned into a blade-wielding assassin type fighter.

Her weapons too small? No problem. A powerful and gigantic high-tech
spear is prepared just for her.  

Meet Rei the fearsome galactic spearwoman :)

Hmm something still lacking... Yes Rei needs a mount to move around quicker.
A Zoid will do.

Now Rei is all set to search out the bad guys in the galaxy and beat them up.

Rei can use a new set of her pilot suit as well. She looks good in black too.

When away from her duties as an EVA pilot to save the human kind from
annihalition, Rei is a normal girl too.

Rei may feel a bit lonely as I don't have figma Asuka and Mari. Yuki will
accompany her for now. However, with two of the most famous quiet
girls in anime together in one room, it could be a bit too quiet...

As expected, my second round with figma Rei is fun too. If a figma Shinji
will be released, I may bring myself to collect all the EVA pilots.

Also check out figma Rei in 2011.


exilehero said...

Thigh high socks Rei, brilliant! Wait aren't those Nanoha's legs? Rei should be careful, Fate's gonna come knocking down the door if she doesn't give them back!

klaymore said...

yes exilehero, they are from Nanoha, of course cannot let Fate knows :)

Miette-chan said...

Rei with thigh highs is nice, gives me an old school vibe.

Anonymous said...

What in the... So Rei is now both a mecha AND a magical girl that rides a ZOID?

Oh my~

klaymore said...

@Miette, thx man, and yeah the Eva series is actually from an old school era...

@bd77, haha Rei can be more things, let's start thinking^^