Tuesday, April 24, 2012

figma Mami Tomoe

After some delays, I have finally get my figma Mami Tomoe^^ She is my
favourite character in the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

We will start with Mami's accessories. Notice the ridiculous amount of guns?
Yes! Mami comes with a total of six muskets, which are her primary magical
weapons. Each of the musket can mounted on a mini stand. The flower
shaped hair pin next to her 2 extra face expressions is to fill up a hole in her
head after her hat is taken off. The popular Candy Witch is included as well.

We know Mami-san enjoys tea. Western-style background is a perfect fit
for her :)

This pose is made possible by using the mini stands to keep all her muskets
standing. Mami-san owns the most exciting fighting style among the magical
girls in the anime. I am sure those who had watched it will agree too.

Mami-san is a kind and caring senpai. She does her best in advising and
helping the new or soon-to-be magical girls. Their enemies are the magical
witches that endanger the human race. By the way, the green circle here
is included in the box.

Unfortunately, a nice character like Mami-san met her end as early as
episode 3 in the 12 episodes anime series. This is her desperate and
sad face expression.

Mami-san's death scene turned out to be one of the key factors to the
success of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The anime's popularity rocketed
and became the number one fans favourite in 2011. Countless jokes,
memes, parodies were created. 

Although Mami-san has limited screen time, her popularity is amazing.
She outlasted all her fellow characters who received more development
in the show to win the Anime Saimoe champion in 2011.

Posing together with another magical girl with guns - Teana!

I had to do this... since they provide us with so many guns^^

figma Mami obviously has better quality than Madoka and Homura. I guess
she worths the delays if they can do a good job with her. As you noticed from
some pictures here, I already received figma Sayaka. Now will wait for the
last of the magical girls: Kyouko.

Also check out figma Madoka, figma Homura and figma Sayaka.


Miette-chan said...

Mami sure is great, she is a figma that sure is so full of potential. Can't wait to use her for photos and what not.

Although, I feel so conflicted about her, I feel tempted to take a headless picture or one with the angst face but it's been done before.

klaymore said...

yo Miette, i would say go ahead with it, maybe can do some variations

Anonymous said...

... uhh... be getting her... also.
*looks left and right*

Also, the pic with the K-On girls with the muskets is WINS.

klaymore said...

thx bd77, knew she is popular :)

Strelok the Operator said...

That last picture is the greatest.
Homura: "Look at these pictures I found of us!"
Mami: "O-oh my"
Madoka: "Why is it all blurred out?"