Friday, May 25, 2012

figma Ika Musume

Ika Musume, the heroine from the anime Shinryaku! Ika Musume is one of
the cutest character recently. I like the show, which is also known as Squid
Girl and will not allow myself to miss out on figma Ika Musume. We will call
her Ika-chan from here :)

What are the accessories we get? A plate of fried rice, a beer mug that has
the option to be emptied and a plate of pasta with her tasty squid-ink sauce.
Interestingly, she also comes with an extra head with short hair as well as
a front hair piece that sport her long tentacles.

You are going to witness the power of Ika-chan's tentacles. She becomes the
first girl with guns that does not need her hands to hold the gatling guns^^

Let's look at the story of Ika-chan. As an invader from the deep sea, she
target to make the first restaurant that she came to as her base to start
her plan to conquer the human race.

With the help of her superior weapons (her tentacles of course), Ika-chan
terrorised the place.

Unfortunately, things did not go her way. Ika-chan had underestimated the
habitants of the dry land and instead got herself being subjugated.

Then Ika-chan became a waitress working for that restaurant, to the delight
of the customers there.

One of the main theme of the story is the development between Ika-chan
and another main character, Eiko. Since there is no figma release for Eiko
(she may never get it), Yui will act as her double.

Ika-chan has express the intention of going to school. We get to see her
cute face in school uniform thanks to tyhe body of figma Mato :)

Apart from using other figma's body, Ika-chan's body is also fun to play
with. Check out Strength and Sayaka here.

Ika-chan also became my third figma that can be displayed two together.
We can even make her do a high-five with her short-haired self :)

We know this squid loves adventure. That's why I gave Ika-chan a boat^^

Overall, figma Ika Musume is a very cute figure. I am a bit worry about the
white surface of her dress and shoes while her dress also limit her lower
body posable options. However, this is a very fun figure to have.


Miette-chan said...

I should open mine and play with her. She looks really fun, specially those tentacles of hers.

I'm surprised though, they seem to be able to hold up a nice amount of weight.

klaymore said...

the tentacles themselves are quite solid, only a bit worry the part that connects the hair piece and her head

and u are right about her being fun :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, a hands-free gatling operation. What terrible things might be upon... *notices Hitagi subjugates Ika*
Ah~ Scratch that. XD

klaymore said...

haha "hands-free" nice description

i guess Hitagi is the closest i have to Chizuru, at least from appearance...

Anonymous said...

you forgot to put -degeso at the end of every line :/

klaymore said...

i did think of that but it will sound weird for me to talk like that, gonna squidly use it only in Ika-chan's talk :)

Anonymous said...

Hey,can you plz make a review of Sayaka Miki figma? I love your reviews ^p^

klaymore said...

thx, u notice i dont really review the figures, more like pics gallery

btw, yup soon will be Sayaka's turn :)

Luis Angulo said...

Oh my god... She touched Sasha! :O

klaymore said...

who is Sasha?