Sunday, May 13, 2012

Who is the best mom?

Today is the big day that is known as Mother's Day. Last year we saw Vivio wrote
about her feelings for her mamas in A Magical Family. For this year, we will look
at who is or can be the best mom among my figma girls :) Most the pritures will
feature a figma baby, which is custom made by myself. Enjoy!

First up is my favourite girl, Yomi from Ga-Rei Zero. Even though Yomi is nearly
perfect in my eyes, it is still extremely hard to picture her in taking care of a kid.
Especially with her super strong killing aura. So Yomi is out.

Next, we have Haruhi. I am sure most fans will immediately rule her out as
well. By the way, we know Yuki is not eligible to contest here.

Check out the K-ON girls. Mio may be afraid of too many things to properly
taking care of kids. As for Ritsu, maybe we can include her in the Father's
Day contest next month^^

"What about the cutest and kindest HTT member?" You may ask. Well, we
surely have noticed that Azunyan is more of an animal person...

Saber, don't feed babies with rice! Unfortunately, the strongest Servant in
the Holy Grail War is out too.

Hmm... Next!

Yes, we must include the Madoka girls, who are the hottest preperty
now. They seem to be handling it pretty well :)

Oops, I spoke too soon =_=|||

Finally, the more matured Nanoha and Fate join in. We definitely have
more confident in real adults regarding this matter, that is of course if
they can decide who is the mama or papa...

This is for fun only. We all feel our mom is the best so it is really no need
to compare or compete. Lastly, no babies were hurt during the photoshoot.
Do check out How to make figma baby.

Happy Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

Deadmaster + Baby = does not compute.

Looks like neither of them are legible for the contest. Mwahaha

klaymore said...

haha yeah, dont even need to think of a reason why DM is out

Miette-chan said...

Everyone knows Nanoha is the mama and Fate the papa right? At least I see it that way anyways.

klaymore said...

yeah i think that's the popular view, personally i see both of them mama :)