Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to make figma baby

Don't get the title wrong, it means what it means, literally :) Just want to
share this out. Mato-chan will assist me in this.

We can start by getting these things ready:
1) cellophane tape
2) few pieces of tissue paper
3) a figma head
4) a figma arm

I choose figma BRS because she has a face expression with closed eyes.
Remove her twin tails and front hair piece from her head. Then take out
her arm without the joints. Stick her head into her arm.

Now the tissue paper comes into use. Wrap one layer of tissue paper
around the arm. Use cellophane tape to stick it together.

Use another layer of tissue paper to act as a hood on the head.

Lastly, need to add one more layer so that the baby's body is as big as
the head.

The baby looks like this from the back view.

Work complete! Mato-chan looks happy to play with the baby^^
You can try it with the face and head of other figmas.

The figma baby is fun for pics like this one. I used the baby a lot in the
Mother's Day special Who is the best mom? Have fun :)


Miette-chan said...

Reminds me of the long haired Haruhi from the movie. With the sleeping face and the sleeping back I was told my friend's mom confused it with a baby.

klaymore said...

the one with the red sleeling bag right, similar ideas :)