Tuesday, August 16, 2011

figma Reika & her Bikes

Recently a Gantz Bike is released by Freeing. It is a very cool and good
looking vehicle but it also comes with a very high price tag. Therefore i
decided to custom-make some bikes for my figma Reika. These are
purely for fun and no such products can be found in the market.

The first bike is called G-kun, as shown in this picture here with Reika.
No prize in guessing its originality :)

This is how G-kun looks from the front.  

And from the back.

G-kun can transform into 3 forms. The first is of course the bike mode. 

Form 2: Rideback mode. (Check here for what is Rideback)

Lastly, the humanoid mode! Isn't it cool? Reika looks impressed.

Together they swing into action breezing through the city.

G-kun would fight side by side with Reika, in Gantz style.

Take a look at another bike of Reika, which is simply named Lil-O for its
round shape outlook. The idea is taken from the anime Fireball Charming
where the main character, Drossel is shown riding on a one-wheeler.

A front view of Lil-O.

And view from the side. 

With wheel that big, Lil-O is expected to act as a high speed transport
for the action-packed Reika. 

That's all for now. Maybe one day i will be able to get Reika the real
Gantz bike. Until then, she will have G-kun and Lil-O.


Miette-chan said...

Pretty spiffy bikes, reminds me of the stuff from Genesis Climber Mospeada.

klaymore said...

yeah i remember those cool bikes in Mospeada too, which can turn into armor suits

norazilae said...

This thingy g-kun originally was what????

klaymore said...

norazilae, it is gundam