Wednesday, August 24, 2011

figma BRS Mato & Yomi

The OVA anime of Black Rock Shooter introduced us to 2 school girls. They
are Mato Kuroi and Yomi Takanashi. Their figma versions somehow found
their way to me :) figma Mato is an exclusive release during the Winter
Wonder Festival 2011. I was able to get her for a reasonable price from
an online shop. figma Yomi is a standard release in July 2011.

Mato comes with 3 faces, 10 hands (one holding her handphone), a pair of
indoor shoes, a basketball and a school bag with strap. One of her right hand
can be used to hold the basketball, which has a little hole on it.

As for Yomi, she has almost similar accessories with Mato except her bag
does not have strap and she gets a volleyball instead of basketball. The
hand to hold the volleyball is the left side. Owning both Mato and Yomi
means I can make each of them to hold the ball on either hand.

Notice Mato's school uniform skirt is shorter than Yomi's. Mato's dress is
also depicted in a more motion form. Just like in the anime, figma Yomi is
taller than Mato. Star symbols appear frequently in the anime. Therefore,
It is fitting that both of their background has a big star logo. 

Mato and Yomi are good friends with each other. Obviously they are in
the same school as well.

They walk to school together everyday. The engergetic and outgoing Mato
blends surprisingly well with the quiet and more mature Yomi.

Mato is the ace of her school's basketball team.

While Yomi is a member of the volleyball club.

Looks like they are recruiting new members for their respective clubs.
Although basketball is my favourite sports, i am not able to choose which
club to join as I could not bring myself to refuse either of their invitations...

Of course, these 2 BFFs often hang out together. Here they are in a
cosplay event. Guess who are they cosplaying as?  

BRS-chan (the real Black Rock Shooter) suddenly popped up and shouted
at Mato "Give me back my clothes!" DM (Dead Master) seems to be enjoying
herself while taking pics of this scene. By the way, the faces of Mato and
BRS cannot be used on each other's heads.

Nearly forgot to perform the girls-with-guns routine. So here they are. Mato
and Yomi are too awesome to be equiped with mere guns. Hence they get
bazookas instead :)

Time for some drama. The 2 girls are so close that they are nearly always
seen together. Even when they were not assigned to the same class, they
would still visit each other daily.

One day, Yomi gone missing. Mato was not able to contact her no matter
how many times she tried. Mato was in depressed (so am I) and started
to blame herself...

However after some twists and turns, they were reunited again for
a happy ending (check out the anime for what really happened). In
my opinion, it will be wonderful if end with a scene like in this pic :)

Overall, figma Mato and figma Yomi are must-get for all BRS fans. I
myself happen to be one :) For non-fans, it is worth getting for their
accessories, especially the 2 priceless faces as shown in this pic.

A TV anime series for Black Rock Shooter was announced recently.
This means we might see more Mato and Yomi. I am looking forward
to Jan 2012, when the BRS fever will begin. Again :)


Miette-chan said...

These are a fun pair of figmas, I love those smug expressions of theirs. Too bad Mato was exclusive though.

klaymore said...

yup they are fun when together, if seperated they are just normal school uniform figmas

Chag said...

Whoa, they look so cute when headswapped with their alter-egos! Very nice.

klaymore said...

thx Chag, been wanting to do that all along :)

Master of the Sword said...

I ordered Strength figma and the new one, the Black Rock Shooter with the artbook <3
I think I'll order the others too!

klaymore said...

i ordered the BRS version too but skipped the one with artbook

we all addicted to BRS :)

Anonymous said...

Personally want yuri nowhere near this anime. We already have every other anime with it. Need a break.

klaymore said...

no worries anon, it is just my personal tatse

will not see any yuri in the actual show