Sunday, May 22, 2011

figma Dead Master arrived

Finally decided to get her. First saw her in the OVA version of the Black Rock
Shooter anime. The story is a bit confusing but the characters are very likable. 

As expected from any figma, DM comes with a stand and 8 extra hands.
2 more stands are included to hold the skulls. She only have 2 faces. A
smiling one and another is the cheeky tongue-sticking one. Will be good if she
has another shouting/fighting face. Her horns do not look scary at all,
instead they look cute on her :)

Her main weapon is the deadly scythe, which is nicely painted. DM looks
good whenever she is holding it. Do not forget about her 2 loyal minions,
Sakamoto-san and Yamada-san (names made up).

All my girls must be able to handle guns. DM has trouble posing with one.

Here comes the ever-so-serious BRS. DM in her cheeky expression seems
 to be saying "BRS-chan, relax!"

Maybe BRS is rushing DM for taking this photo, which shows both of them
are ready for a fight. Yes they suppose to be rivals!

They have been fighting each other in some alternative world that is filled with black
and white checker box. Sometimes they do that on cool bikes.

Whenever no need to fight to please their fans, DM and BRS often hang out together.

They can be seen rolling in the park.

Spending quality time in girls-talk.

Or simply having fun together.

And they are roommates.

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M.L.C.M. said...

I don't know that they are roommates?! O.O HAHAHAHAHA!! XD

klaymore said...

haha just my imaginations, but dont we wonder what are they doing behind the screen?