Thursday, May 05, 2011

figma Reika from Gantz

This pretty girl is Shimohira Reika, the idol and alien fighter from the manga Gantz.
She got a figma release in 2009 as SP-005. So far, she is the only character from
that title being released.

The figure is sold together with the Gantz manga volume 26. Hence she can
be considered an exclusive item and quite hard to get. With some luck, I manage
to buy her from a fellow collector.

Here is the back cover of the manga as well as a card that comes with the package.
By the way, the manga is in Japanese.

Let's take a look at her accessories. The standard stuff include a stand,
9 extra hands (total of 11), 2 extra faces and 3 type of weapons.

Her first weapon is the hand gun size gun. Don't be fooled by its size,
it is very destructive. Reika is shown here holding it with a smiling face.

She comes with a second gun, which is longer and bigger. This makes it an
ideal weapon for sniping, as is shown in the manga.

Next is a katana that is not exactly the traditional ones. When not in use, this katana
can be shrunk into the handle only for easier to carry. Needless to say, it is very sharp
and had cut many aliens into pieces!

Reika is having fun with 2 guns. That's her shouting face, very suitable for action pics.

Facing off with another sword master, Saber!

Overall, figma Reika is a highly posable and good looking figma with cool weapons.
The single wheel Gantz bike will be released soon. That may indicate more Gantz
characters getting figma release in the future. Then Reika may not be so lonely :)

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honghiquan30 said...

are figma's figures fragile?please answer, i'm going to buy my first figma and it's worried me.

klaymore said...

hey honghiquan, figmas are overall good quality action figures

but i feel certain parts are fragile such as their twin tails/pony tail, the hip joint, smaller parts like ribbons/ties

my real worry with figmas is their increasing price :)