Saturday, September 24, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Part 2

Behind The Scenes shows what is going on at the background in some
of my work. Part 2 picks up where Part 1 left off and covers another 5
pics as below.

Black Rock Artillery - Completed

Black Rock Artillery - Behind The Scenes
The background is an A3 printed paper of the sky. Nendoroid BRS (Black
Rock Shooter) and the cannon are placed on top of a book. The camera
will shoot from an angle that is lower that the book so that the white border
of the paper will not be seen. A rock is used to support BRS's coat, which
enables her to pose without the stand.


Revenge of the Bassist - Completed

Revenge of the Bassist - Behind The Scenes
This picture is taken from a high angle. Hence the camera needs to be
placed on top of some stacked up items. The camera angle is as shown
by the red arrow. You may notice Yui is actually smiling and Mio's face
is not scary at all :)


Rei with Wings - Completed

Rei with Wings - Behind The Scenes
The space is again a printed paper. The wings are borrowed from a
popular mecha and connected to Rei with the transparent holder that
comes with figma Rei. A stand and a wider base is being used to
support Rei and the wings.


How it should end - Completed

How it should end - Behind The Scenes  
This is one of my personal favourites. Quite straight forward. The wall
and the floor are one piece of paper while the table and chair are from
figma Mikuru Adult Version. Yomi's smiling happy face can look like a
kissing face if taken with Mato's head covering most of her face. As
you can see, their heads are not even touching each other so no
actual figma girls kissing is happening :)


Reika in action - Completed

Reika in action - Behind The Scenes
In order to make Reika looks like running, one of her feet is kicking
to the back. Her supporting leg is being holded on by a clip. The
background is one of my shirt. Lastly, light and blur effects were
added on to create the motion feel.

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Miette-chan said...

I find this post quite interesting, it's always interesting seeing the tricks people come up with to take pictures.

klaymore said...

thx Miette, i like to look at others photo taking methods as well, we can always get some new ideas from there :)

Anonymous said...

What happen to 'Mugi's hand?

klaymore said...

Mio chopped it, joking^^

i did not put any hand since i know it will not appear in the completed pic