Thursday, September 08, 2011

figma Strength

Welcome figma Strength to join my collection. She is one of the characters
from the anime of Black Rock Shooter OVA and usually known simply as STR.

STR has an extra face expression and a total of 10 hands. However, her
most interesting accessories are her hoodie and a pair of giant hands that
are called Ogre Fists.

Let's check out her gigantic weopon. It looks huge on STR, thanks to her
petite body size. The fingers of the Ogre Fist can move like human fingers,
which shows how amazing is it. Unfortunately, it is also quite heavy. STR
is not able to lift that hand without the use of the extra black stands.

STR is called Strength not without reasons. She is expected to possess
enormous strength. A gatling gun will suit her image :)

In the anime, STR appeared for about merely 5 seconds. She did not
even speak. All she did was standing coolly like in this picture. We
do not know much about her personality or fighting style.

Of course, STR is not alone. The other girls in the world of Black Rock
seems to also share the same habit of constantly presenting themselves
in cool poses along with their respective weapons. 

Together with Black Rock Shooter (BRS), Dead Master (DM), and Black
Gold Saw (BGS), they made up the 4 characters of the non-human world
in the anime.

Can you believe 4 young girls spending all their time in fighting each
other? Not for me. In my imagination, they are friends that often hang
out together (yes again). Here we get to see their height differences.

As mentioned earlier, i feel apart from the Ogre Fist, STR's hoodie is
also an interesting item. Obviously, it can be taken off. STR is showing
us how to remove her hoodie in a step-by-step demo. Simple? Actually
no... It took me many tries to fully understand the mechanism.

I am sure by now we have heard about STR's one-piece dress (or shirt) is
also removable. I have tested and verified that it is true. However, no such
pictures will be shown here. By the way, here STR is shown inside her
room, probably playing with her own tail :)

She is ready for school. STR is suppose (or speculated) to be the alter
ego personality of Mato's classmate, Yuu. Since they are about the
same height, Mato's uniform is being used here.

And in school, there is a hidden but intense rivalry between Yuu and
Yomi, Mato's best friend.

STR's body also provides much fun. It is suitable for other small size
characters such as Mato and Azusa from K-ON!

If you combine Revoltech Skeleton's head with DM's body and scythe,
plus STR's hoodie, you can even create Death himself herself...

With the arrival of STR, I have completed the collection of all the
characters in the anime. BRS-chan would like to take a family
photo but it seems not everyone is taking it seriously...

After getting sounded upside-down by BRS-chan, the photo is
finally being taken. My collection will not end here. A PSP game
was released recently and a TV anime series will be aired in 2012.
Surely, we will see more new characters from the Black Rock
Shooter franchise.


sαchie said...

I love the STR sigma, I need her in my collection! Also love how tall BGS is in comparison with the others, yay for tall girls!

klaymore said...

haha sachie u must be quite tall yourself

btw kos-mos is even taller than BGS