Monday, January 09, 2012

figma Homura Akemi

figma Homura Akemi is my second figma from the anime Puella Magi Madoka
Magica, which is also known as Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika. Even Madoka
has her name in the anime title, Homura is viewed more as the main heroine.

Check out Homura's accessories that consists of various weapons from pistol
to bazooka. She also gets a golf club and a pair of moe glasses :) They did a
good job of including her hairstyle from her earlier time. Of course, she comes
with her magical weapon, a small size shield. However, I feel a little dissapointed
by its plain color and design.

If you ask Homura what is her hobby or interests, she will probably answer
"Killing Kyubey"

"How about your favourite activities?" "Killing Jyubey" Ok let's move on...

Why is Homura acting like this? You may wonder. Well, she used to be a shy
and friendly girl with glasses. She had a wonderful time with her fellow magical
girl friend, Madoka.

Together, they went to school, have fun hanging out and even fighting the witches
side by side. Homura was happy.

But not for long. One day, something terrible happened and Homura lost the
most important person to her.

Since then, Homura had changed. She prepared herself for the inevitable final
battle with destiny.

Determine to change the history and protect the one she loves, Homura will
not allow herself to be stopped by anything or anyone.

Homura may look strong and cool, but she does have a secret side that is well
hidden from others. Hmm... we will not dwell too much into this and leave it to
your own imagination :)

Similar with figma Madoka, figma Homura seems to receive many complains.
Mostly about her quality and her not-so-nice-view from the back of her flying
hair. Luckily for me, I get a decent quality one and to overcome the other issue,
simply by not taking any photo from her back. And 3 more Madoka girls to go.

Also check out: figma Madoka, figma Mami and figma Sayaka.


Anonymous said...

Oh my. Three more to go, eh?

Homura's hobby is certainly... very "focused". XD

Regarding figma's QC, I gotten a defective Marisa before this, defective as in her waist joint was too tight than normal until... it broke.
Don't worry, fixed that already. =D

Miette-chan said...

I love Homura favorite Puella Magi so of course I had to run out and buy the figma. Too bad she came with so little guns, she needs more guns.

I like your description, really accurate description if you ask me.

I don't know what problems people had, Homura seems quite fine really.

Just like you, I also say, 3 more to go.

klaymore said...

@bd77, u must be very skillful to fix a broken joint, i cant even improve the loose joints

@Miette, thx man, and maybe we are the lucky ones or the expectations on quality are very high since Madoka is very popular

Anonymous said...

Of all the characters of Puella Magi, I think that Homura is the best (I keep thinking of getting Sayaka).
I agree that Homura came with few accessories TT-TT
By the way... ¿Where'd you get those weapons? The look awesome...
It's hard to find weapons for figma. I only managed to use which include in McFarlane.

klaymore said...

most of them from gundam, btw the gundam 1/144 scale models are quite fitting for figma, give it a try

Master of the Sword said...

Homura-chan! <3
I'm waiting for mine...
Nice review!

klaymore said...

thx :) also just got the news that Mami will be delayed