Friday, June 08, 2012

figma Sayaka Miki

A big welcome to the fourth girl from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica,
her name is figma Sayaka Miki.

Sayaka does not come with a lot of accessories. She gets the usual extra
hands and face expressions as well as two type of capes. One of them is
made of cloth material and the other is of PVC. The good news is she has
a total of eight swords with eight stands for them.

Girl with gun Sayaka, does not seem to fit her so well...

Sayaka's magical weapon is her swords. We often see her dual wielding
them. The circle at the background is part of the package in Sayaka's box.

Sayaka attack! She has put on her PVC white cape. It is meant to used
for depicting movement scenes. However the problem lies with the skirt
of figma Sayaka, which is not soft enough to allow her legs to bend any
higher than this... Hence her lower body posablity is very limited.

Well, the sheer number of the Sayaka's swords does make up some of
the disappointment. We can use the stands to pose them together with
Sayaka like this.

Sayaka doing magic with her magical swords^^

Sayaka posing with the three figma girls that were released earlier.
They shoulder the responsiblity of fighting the evil witches in order
to protect mankind. That's heavy...

However, they could have live their lives as normal girls if they did
not make contracts with Kyubey.

That makes the amount of hate towards Kyubey understandable. Now it
is Sayaka's turn to do the popular Everybody Wants To Kill Kyubey act :)

Sayaka became a magical girl in order to heal Kyousuke's injured hand.
Sadly, that leads to an event of lost love.

 No worries. Sayaka would eventually found happiness in the right person
she loves. At least that is what most of the fans like to believe in...

It is a deadly sin for not using more of the girls' fabulous face expressions.
Here we go :)

figma Sayaka has posablity issues with the lower part of her body and a little
lacking in accessories but she turns out fine without quality problems. She is
also an important piece to complete the Madoka girls.


Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for a Sayaka Miki Figma review of yours :D
it's very nice! I agree,it's kinda dissapointing that she don't have many accessories,but I still love this figma.

and I see you got Kyouko as well ^^
can't to see your review of Sakura Kyouko Figma.

Miette-chan said...

Aw man, such a shame about the lower body, had no idea.

Looks cool though, really liked the inclusion of all the swords. Although I don't think Sayaka ever used so many of them.

klaymore said...

thx anon, will be good if u can leave your name too

and of course Kyouko is in my plan :)

klaymore said...

it's true Miette, she cant lift up her leg even a little bit, not sure why they did not give her same material as those school uniform skirts...