Saturday, May 07, 2011

A Magical Family

Hi, my name is Vivio. I want to intoduce you to my family.

Feito-mama is very kind and nice. Nanoha-mama is strict but loves me very much.

We always have fun together. I like Mama's Day.

And Valentine's Day.

This beautiful lady is Auntie Hayate, a good friend of Nanoha-mama and Feito-mama.
She is always busy.

I love to play with Teana-neechan and Subaru-neechan. They are very nice and pretty.

Oh nearly forgot to say that my mamas are very strong. They are the top aces of air mages.
Any one of them can blow a big planet into pieces.

And one day, i want to be as strong as my mamas. I love my family!

This is a school homework call "My Family" writen by Vivio. In the Nanoha StrikerS
anime series, Vivio is a 6 years old girl that is adopted by Nanoha. Fate helps to
raise her. Nothing serious intended here.


Master of the Sword said...

I saw Nanoha and Nanoha'As, but no the Strikers'S, would you recomend me it?

klaymore said...

if u like that 2 series then i would say yes, most of the main chars will be back in StrikerS

and u can see the real Vivio :)