Sunday, May 01, 2011

Figure Comic: A Fairy Tale

The Cast
Cindermio (Human) : Mio
Cindermio (Transformed) : Hamm
Fairy Godmother : Ritsu
Stepmother : Saber Alter
Stepsister A : Yui
Stepsister B : Mugi
Prince : Otonashi

This is the first time I am using narrator style to help on the flow of the story. The narrator's dialogs are in the pink boxes. As for the background story, it is based on a popular fairy tale known as "Cinderella".

Recently the biggest news is the marriage between a prince and a commoner. It sounds like a fairy tale in real life. I guess marrying a prince is the dream of many girls. However, it will not be easy as Cindermio has learned in this story.

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