Saturday, May 28, 2011

figma Black Gold Saw

Black Gold Saw is the 3rd figma release of the girls in the Black Rock world,
after BRS and DM. She had a brief appearance in the OVA version of the anime.
Almost everything about her is a mystery. We only know she wields a big sword
and she is really strong. She has similar designs with BRS, who is also wearing
bra top and short pants as well as mainly in black color :)

BGS is a bit different from other figmas as only 4 pair of hands are available.
However they are enough to hold her gigantic weapon as well as other stuff.
Her 2 extra expressions are fun to pose with too. Accessories wise, BGS is
a bit lacking. She does not have the chains and dvd like BRS, nor does she
has minions like DM.

Now take a look at BGS's huge weapon. King Saw is its name. It looks very cool
and even has battle scars on it. In this pic, BGS is actually leaning on the wall behind
her. It is not easy to make her stand without the figma stand. It is even harder while
she is holding King Saw.

Time to pose with a gun. BGS in shooting mode.

Now let's put the 3 black rock girls together, which they look so good :)
As a tall girl, BGS will always have the advantage to stand in the middle.

How strong is BGS? Look at her taking on both BRS and DM at the same time...

And she still manage to walk away with the spoils!

Then again, they are friends who often hang out together.

Their favourite activity seems to be getting drunk together.


Luth said...

Haha, love the drunk picture. Wow, I didn't realize that BGS was so much taller than the other girls, it certainly makes me feel less bad that she came with a lot less accessories than the other two

klaymore said...

thx Luth:)

she has really long legs + her high heels, make her much taller than BRS and DM

sαchie said...

AWW YES, BGS is definitely my favourite! I was so excited to have been able to cosplay her as well! :3

I was also really excited to get her because she was my first figma! I find that it's hard to make her hold her sword upright though... Still a beautiful figma though! :D

klaymore said...

sachie, i have the same problem about her holding the big sword, thats why need some camera tricks :)