Sunday, June 24, 2012

figma Index

This is the figma Index, a cute nun from the anime Toaru Majutsu no Index.
Her full name is Index Librorum Prohibitorum. 

The accessories for figma Index is just like in this picture, very little...
A set of knive and fork, extra hands for praying and her pet kitten that
is called Sphinx.

The girl with guns - Sister Index :)

With her limited amount of accessories, we can assume the main selling
point is the cloth material of the robe. This is the first time I am handling
such material and I must admit it is quite tedius, especially when posing
with her legs.

I am sure after receiving figma Index, most would want to find out what is
under her robe :) Well, we can see her legs and shoes.

Index comes with Sphinx, her pet kitten that was found inside a box. And
now my tally of cats had increase to the total of seven. Also note that she
has an extra hair piece when not wearing her wimple.

Speaking of the wimple, it can be quite useful. Golgo can go for some
Arabic fashion^^

We know Index has a big appetite. Food could be her hobby^^

Index can eat anything and this brings us to a disturbing thought...

As for the romantic side of the story, Index has strong feelings towards
Touma, the hero of the anime. They are even staying together but still
no conclusions yet.

We were told that 103,000 magic text are stored inside Index's brain. Hence,
she is like a walking book. Now she has to face the challenge of another book
master, Hayate Yagami!

Aside from the lack of accessories and limited posablity, figma Index is a
cute figure to have. Her white colour dress might be prone to dirtiness if not
handled properly. Mine also has minor paint issues as pointed out by Index.

After getting figma Index, my collection of the series is considered completed,
for now at least.

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Miette-chan said...

The lovely figma Index, really like her star eyed face.

In the end thought I think using cloth did not add much to the figure as thanks to the back part of her robes her mobility is still pretty limited.

klaymore said...

u are right, Index is one more figma that never able to sit haha