Sunday, June 17, 2012

Who is the best dad?

Father's Day is here! In conjunction with this wonderful day, we will search
for the best dad. The candidates are of course from my figma collection :)

Let's kick it off with Big bro Guts. Oh you should not carry a baby like
this... Yup, figma baby makes a return appearance here.

Hard to imagine that Guts have much patience with kids too. So no
votes for Guts the Berserker.

Touma taking care of his kid? We could be hearing "How unfortunate!"
all day. Next.

How about Araragi-kun? He seems ok, except we may feel a bit uneasy
about his obsession in brushing his kid's teeth...

As mentioned in the Mother's Day Special: Who is the best mom?, we
will have Ritsu-papa join in as well, with Mio-mama :)

Don't worry, we still have Golgo. He looks reliable enough. At least
nobody will dare to bully his kid.

Sadly, more than 95% of my figures are not male. Hence, we do not have as
many candidates as we have for the best mom. Here I want to wish all the
dads Happy Father's Day!

Also can check out How to make figma baby.


Anonymous said...

That's one thing you NEVER see anywhere.

Mio in an office lady outfit... never failed to be HAWT!

As for guys, mostly in my collection they are mechas or gunplas. Mostly.

klaymore said...

hey mecha also can celebrate father's day^^

Serene said...

I don't really want Araragi as my father...He's way too creepy !

klaymore said...

haha i feel the same about him