Saturday, July 07, 2012

figma Kyoko Sakura

Finally, the last of the magical girls from the anime Puella Magi Madoka
Magica is here! We are talking about figma Kyoko Sakura.

Kyoko comes with some some interesting accessories. Her spear has two
different form. One as a single long spear and the other is as a disjointed
form. Apart from her weapon, we get her favourite food taiyaki and pocky
that are held by each side of her hands. And yes, also another Kyubey.

In the show, Kyoko always appear with food in her hands, or mouth. We
can imagine her room to be stacked with food supplies^^

Ooh she is kind enough to share her food by offering pocky and taiyaki to
Homura but she does not seem to be interested...

Kyoko's main magical weapon is her spear. Its straight form is very long.

This is how you use a spear. The poor skeleton witch found out Kyoko's
is a skillful master in spear, but it was too late.

In the anime, Kyoko first appeared following Mami-san's famous end.
Initially, she has some quarrels with Sayaka that resulted the two of
them fighting each other. BTW, this is the spear's disjointed form.

After learning the truth about the Soul Gems, Kyoko started to side with
Madoka and team. *A little preview on my figma Madoka Uniform ver. 

At the same time, Kyoko and Sayaka also gotten close. Really close. 
This pocky sharing scene of course was not shown in the aime :)

All five of the figma magical girls, together with Madoka, Homura, Mami
and Sayaka. Notice how long is Kyoko's spear...

The spear also can transform into a nunchaku. Araragi is going Bruce
Lee style again^^

You have your cigar, I have my pocky. Special cameo by figma Golgo 13.

Lastly, we must not allow these spectacular face expressions of the girls go
to waste :) The standing Kyubey proves to be quite fun too.

With the addition of figma Kyoko, my figma collection of the Madoka magical
girls is mission accomplished. We will explore the school uniform version of
Madoka and Homura in the near future.

Also check out figma Madoka, Homura, Mami and Sayaka.


Miette-chan said...

It was nice finally getting Kyouko, I love the feeling of accomplishment I get from collecting a whole set so to speak.

Finally getting the 5 girls together looks so nice.

klaymore said...

haha and this feeling makes us collectors buying more and more

Anonymous said...

Congratulations in completing the team. =D

I wonder what manner of cheesecakes may they bring wrath to the baddies. XD

klaymore said...

thx bd77 :)